Chapter 6 – The Grim Producer meets The County Affair

After 10 years as CEO of plant protein business Quorn Foods, Kevin decided to step down to focus on the band. Recounting this plan in an early-morning news interview on BBC Radio 5, little did he know that listening in that day was a top Abbey Road producer who was instantly intrigued by the story of a businessman returning to a musical life. Checking out what the band had already recorded, he was impressed enough to offer to help the boys develop their sound in the studio and inject his support into helping them get their big break.

In an intense preproduction process the boys worked hard whilst building a great bond with their new producer. The songs and sound was a reflection of decades of influences but the recent success of Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton provided reassurance that there was a demand for the type of music The County Affair wanted to make. Soon their rather publicity-shy collaborator earned the friendly sobriquet of The Grim Producer. In reality he coaxed the best out of both lads and brought in the right session musicians to create he sound they envisioned

Sessions at Abbey Road Studios led first to the creation of a 13-track album, then later to recordings of a selection of unplugged acoustic versions, followed by a video shoot for a live stream performance with the band, filmed in the legendary Studio 2.

The album ‘Off the Grid’ was set for release in September 2021. Texas could beckon again yet.