Chapter 3 – Back together to pick up where they left off

The boys gigged together whenever possible during their early working lives, before jobs and families took priority. A musical “career break” swiftly turned into decades; although Tony had lots of fun for over ten years in tribute band The Pogue Traders. As children flew the nest and both of the guys started playing more again, Kevin took to song writing and was soon hooked. With decades of Americana listening for inspiration the songs soon flowed. It made sense to get back together with Tony and The County Affair was born.  

Getting positive reactions to early recordings, they both decided to steer themselves away from full-time work to create space for the music. As Kevin stepped down from a long and successful stint as CEO of the high-profile meat-alternative business, Quorn Foods, his move was attracting media attention – what corporate role might he take on next? He gave a few radio and press interviews and explained that in fact he’d decided to focus on music instead. One interview on BBC Radio 5 caught the ear of an accomplished music industry producer who loved the story and liked what he heard in the early recordings. He offered to help the boys record their first full album at Abbey Road Studios. 2021 sees them releasing singles in the run-up to the album launch and rehearsing for live shows, with hopes that it won’t be long before they’re back on the road once again.