Chapter 10 – Nashville!

Well our second album – Two Days’ Drive – came out in the Spring of 2023 and we’re delighted with it and the response we have had to it both from fans and music industry experts.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, next on the agenda was a trip to Nashville, which was an absolute blast. Five days of co-writing with some great Nashville insiders has created amazing material that provides a great start for album 3. Co-writing in Nashville can be intense – you push hard every day to turn a rough idea or a half-thought for a musical riff into a finished thing – and the goal is nothing less than the pursuit of a great song. It was worth the hard work as we came away with ten new songs including some absolute crackers. And along the way we learned the power of a sad minor 5th chord, which everyone in Nashville loves.

A trip to Nashville wouldn’t be complete without popping into all the music shops. And unexpectedly stumbling across a wonderful leftie Gibson Hummingbird created an irresistible moment that meant the guitar salesman made his bonus in just a few minutes.

Our first time in Nashville, the trip was a full-on experience of the place they call Music City
– a party town bursting with honky-tonks and live music, impressive with its museums capturing the history of country music and Americana, all alongside the beating heart of the country music industry represented by the corporate buildings of the world’s biggest record labels. But best of all, it’s a place you can tap into the most amazing community of
songwriters, performers and musicians.

We even managed to squeeze in a live TV appearance and get backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, which was inspirational.  
We really hope you like the music that’s on our album Two Days’ Drive. If you do, then you’re really going to like the material that’s coming next.

Now we’re focused on taking the songs out on the road so we were delighted to do a recent show in London and to play the amazing Black Deer Festival. Keep a look out for more live shows coming soon, where we’ll be playing lots of songs off the new album and maybe a couple of early versions of the new ones too.